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The 7 Best Comedy Podcasts on Spotify in 2020

Here's my list of the 7 best comedy podcasts on Spotify in 2020. I ranked these shows using my personal preferences and my own sense of humor. But lots of people agree with me, so it's legit... 

The Criteria I Used to Make This List of the Best Comedy Podcasts

I used the following criteria to make my list of the best comedy podcasts: 
  1. Which comedy podcasts do I have the most fun listening to; 
  2. Which comedy podcasts make me laugh the most and laugh the hardest; and
  3. Which comedy podcasts have the most memorable segments, bits, exchanges, etc.
These criteria are simple and straightforward. They are also purely subjective. But hey! When it comes to humor, that's kind of unavoidable.

Our senses of humor are unique to each of us, even if there is a lot of overlap or agreement. Some people love the absurd and surreal humor of Monty Python and Steve Martin; others don't get that type of humor all. Some people love slapstick humor, like the Three Stooges; while others find it juvenile and boring. Just like our tastes in food, our tastes in comedy vary according to our own personal preferences.

As Woody Allen once said, if people see someone fall on a banana peel and they laugh, it was funny. If they don't laugh, it wasn't funny. Of course, it probably depends on which people happen to be there to see it happen. Ultimately, it's all subjective.

With that in mind, though, I think a lot of people share my opinion that these podcasts are really funny.

Please note that I did not include podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience or WTF with Marc Maron because these are general-interest shows with a guest-interview format. Although these are podcasts by comedians, and these comedians are very good at what they do, their podcasts are not strictly about comedy -- or even primarily about comedy. On his podcast, Joe Rogan focuses as much on martial arts as he does on comedy, and when you factor in the amazing array of guests from wildly different backgrounds that Joe interviews, comedy is only a relatively small part of what he does on his show.

I also did not include podcasts like 2 Dope Queens for which no new episodes are being produced at this time.

So without further's my list of the 7 best comedy podcasts on Spotify in 2020...

The 7 Best Comedy Podcasts on Spotify in 2020

#1: The Johnny Carson Show

Heeeere's Johnny! The Johnny Carson Show Podcast will take you back to the golden age of late-night comedy. Not only was Carson one of the best comedians ever, and not only did he and Ed McMahon have an incredible comedic chemistry, but The Tonight Show was also a launching pad for very many talented comedians: Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Richard Jeni ... the list could go on forever. Each episode captures a bit of that old-school magic and gives it a new home in the 21st-century medium of podcasting. Check out the trailer for The Johnny Carson Show Podcast below. 

#2: Conan Needs a Friend

Conan O'Brien recreated his popular late-night talk-show format as the podcast Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend. Every episode starts with funny jokes and anecdotes shared among Conan and his staff, and then moves on to an interview with a featured guest, many of whom are fellow comics. Conan then tries his hardest to get his guest to be his friend. Hilarity ensues ...

#3: The Monday Morning Podcast

Bill Burr was one of the first comedians to master the art of podcasting. He has been doing The Monday Morning Podcast since 2007. Beginning in 2015, Burr started releasing episodes on both Monday morning and Thursday afternoon -- he refers to the Thursday episode as the "Thursday afternoon, just before Friday, Monday Morning Podcast." Sometimes his wife Nia joins him on the podcast -- the episodes with Nia are usually the funniest -- and occasionally he is joined by another comedian, such as Paul Verzi, for some hilarious conversations. But most of the time, it's just straight Bill, no filler, no chaser. And most of the time, just listening to Bill rant, rave, and ramble about bullshit is fun and really funny. 

#4: How Neal Feel

How Neal Feel is a relatively new comedy podcast featuring Neal Brennan, the co-creator of Chappelle's Show, and the incredibly beautiful and engaging Bianca Sia. Neal gives you funny and thought-provoking comedy, and he and Bianca (did I mention she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL???) have some funny exchanges. Click below to watch a recent episode of How Neal Feel.

#5: Your Mom's House

Your Mom's House is a podcast by husband-and-wife team Tom Segura and Christina P. They interview guests, usually a fellow comedian, and do great interviews that are also incredible funny. Click below to watch an episode of Your Mom's House featuring Neal Brennan and Pet Holmes. 

#6: Good For You

Comedian Whitney Cummings started her first podcast, Good For You, relatively recently, in November 2019. Typical episodes consist of about a half hour of funny banter between her and co-host Benton Ray, followed by a 90-minute or so conversation with her guest, which is usually a fellow comedian. Click below to watch the Good For You episode with Bill Burr.

#7: The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast

The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast, by Daniel D, is also relatively new, having debuted in July 2019. This podcast lives up to its title: it is really crazy! If you like absurd, very politically incorrect humor, this podcast may just be your thing. Of course, if you're a social-justice-warrior snowflake, you will probably be triggered and have an aneurysm and start writing in ALL CAPS on Twitter about how OFFENDED you are. 👺👺👺 Click below to listen to a funny episode of The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast about the Coronavirus.

Thus concludes my list of the 7 best comedy podcasts on Spotify in 2020. If you don't already listen to these podcasts, I hope you will check them out. They're free, and they are funny. And "free" and "funny" is a great combination! If there are any you think I left out, please leave a comment and let me know!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Hilarious Satire of Super-Woke SJW Wackos

Hilarious Satire of Super-Woke SJW Wackos
Check out the latest from humorist podcaster and writer Daniel D: it's a hilarious satire of super-woke social justice warrior ("SJW") wackos called Super #SJW Man: A Call-Out Culture Superhero.

If you're a fan of hilarious satire, you'll love Super #SJW Man.

If you detest self-righteous virtue-signaling and super-woke SJW's, you'll love Super #SJW Man.

If you love a funny story with deadpan humor, you'll love Super #SJW Man.

And if you've enjoyed the kind of satire writing you've read on this website, then you'll definitely love Super #SJW Man.

The Story of Super #SJW Man

The story of Super #SJW Man begins when preppy hipster Marshall B. Rich, III listens to Ezra Klein battling Sam Harris. Inspired by Klein's shameless call-out culture demagoguery, Marshall goes completely insane and decides to devote his life -- and his trust-fund income -- to fighting insensitivity, microagressions, and anything that might trigger the heightened sensitivities of young Millennial and Gen Z social justice warriors ("SJW").

Calling himself "Super #SJW Man," Marshall begins recruiting fellow SJW's to join his organization, which he names "Team Woke." His friend, Baron, also a trust-fund baby living a lavish, fashionably left-wing lifestyle, joins Team Woke and changes his  own name to "Captain Wokeness."

From their base in a gentrified neighborhood in Brooklyn, Super #SJW Man and Captain Wokeness go on recruiting drives to poor, minority neighborhoods. Unfortunately, they lack self-awareness and do not recognize how patronizing they are towards minorities and the poor, and this causes them to encounter one disaster after the other. Their farcical misadventures culminate in a disastrous demonstration at a mall, where they protest the stores for having separate clothing sections for men and women.

Read an excerpt of Super #SJW Man: A Call-Out Culture Superhero Below

Click below to read the first three chapters of Super #SJW Man: A Call-out Culture Superhero...
This hilarious satire of super-woke SJW wackos is available on Amazon as an ebook or paperback. Daniel D is working on an audio book version now. Of course, you can also check out Ronnie Champ's satire books on Amazon as well!

A Reading of the First Chapter of Super #SJW Man: A Call-Out Culture Superhero (Satire)

Click the embedded video above to hear Daniel D read the opening chapter of this hilarious satire of super-woke SJW wackos.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast: Santa's Epic #MeToo Scandal!

Podcast artwork for The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast by Daniel D: Learn More about Santa's #MeToo Scandal!
The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast by Daniel D: Learn More about Santa's #MeToo Scandal!
Check out the latest episode of The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast by Daniel D! You can listen below. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or whatever app you use to listen to podcasts!

This episode is really crazy! Apparently, jolly old Saint Nick has been caught up in the latest #MeToo scandal! One of his female elves, Jezebel, has accused Santa of referring to her as a "Ho, Ho, Ho" and of visiting her at her part-time job in a strip club, where he assumed that just because she was wearing next to nothing and dancing in front of him and calling him "big daddy," that it was okay for him to touch her bosom and place a dollar bill in her cleavage. Santa claims it was not him at the strip club, but one of his "helpers" or lookalikes who dresses up as Santa at the mall.

Who is telling the truth? Will #MeToo derail Christmas for everyone this year? Find out more on this 25th episode of The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast!

#satire #comedy #humor #podcast #holidays

Check out this latest episode of the Crazy Comedy, Humor, and Satire Podcast by Daniel D!

Also, if you're running out of time to finish your holiday shopping and you need some funny last-minute gift ideas, check out Daniel D's book, Funny Last-Minute Gift Ideas (Satire), on Amazon. Read a sample of this very funny book below:
Hope you enjoy the podcast and the book! Check out for even more insanity! And don't forget to subscribe to The Crazy, Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast using the podcast app of your choice! And if you're looking for more funny podcasts to listen to, check out my list of the 7 best comedy podcasts on Spotify! Thanks, and have a very Merry Christmas, fool!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

SJW Fail: Millenial Activist Announces 72-Hour Woke-a-Thon

SJW Fail: image of text saying "72-hour Woke-a-Thon" - satire
SJW Fail: 72-Hour "Woke-a-Thon"
Here is the latest SJW fail. Larry Libbman of the Millennial Activist Democrats (MAD) announced that MAD is sponsoring a "72-hour Woke-a-Thon." Mr. Libbman is calling on Social Justice Warriors (SJW) everywhere to participate.

What will these SJWs do for 72 hours? And what will they actually accomplish?

This "72-hour Woke-a-Thon" may sound like a silly exercise in futility, but it is not much more ridiculous than things the far-left SJWs are already saying. Hopefully, the Democrats will heed the warnings in this video and distance themselves from the crazies on the far left. If they don't, they will lose to Trump yet again.

Just listen to Mr. Libbman explain the SJW agenda in this video, which you can watch below.

SJW Fail Video: 72-hour Woke-a-Thon

Click on the embedded video above to listen to the SJW agenda.

What do SJWs want?

This satirical video summarizes the super-woke SJW platform in a humorous but basically accurate way. The SJWs stand for out-of-whack priorities that will sink the Democrats in 2020, if the Democratic candidates adopt them.

The white spoiled rich kids at elite Ivy-League institutions are more liberal on racial issues than racial minorities are. (See, These white SJWs take a paternalistic attitude towards racial and ethnic minorities by essentially playing the "race card" for them, even when many members of the race or ethnicity in question would prefer to make less of an issue of race. These elite white kids know what's best though! Social Justice Warrior (SJW) to the rescue!

When it comes to analyzing costs and benefits of environmental regulations, the welfare of animals trumps that of human beings in the SJW world. This past July, a mob of radical leftists from Antifa physically assaulted conservative blogger Andy Ngo; in addition to suffering multiple injuries, Mr. Ngo suffered the ignominy of being slimed by multiple vegan milkshakes. (See, The irony is rich: a gang of SJWs attacks a human being and causes to suffer serious injury, but the SJWs drink vegan milkshakes, because they don't want cows to suffer.

And then there is the issue of gender. Now it's no longer about LGBTQ, but it's about all the other letters being added to that. There are now so many genders being identified that it no longer makes any sense. Gay marriage is cool. Transgender students using the bathroom of their choice is cool. But at some point, let's move on with our lives and address some of the more important issues, like the economy, jobs, healthcare, etc.

And when it comes to civil rights, let's keep our focus on minorities that really are suffering from the effects of historical injustices and systemic racism. From what I can tell, gender reassignment surgery is pretty expensive, which means that you have to be in a certain income bracket to get it. Just going by Maslow's hierarchy of needs, you need to have a certain level of comfort before gender sensitivity (like using the correct pronoun) becomes the most important issue on your radar. Let me put it more bluntly: there are no LGBTQ ghettos. LGBTQ individuals are not disproportionately profiled by police or denied loans by banks. How is it that civil rights has become overwhelmingly about a group that seems to be pretty well-to-do compared to other groups, such as African-Americans or Native-Americans (the ones on reservations, not the one running for the Democratic nomination).

Of course, as Dave Chappelle found, you can't even joke about this without getting the SJWs all riled up.

Similarly, the SJWs care so much about women's issues, but the women who benefit are the ones who are already doing well: white women from upper-middle-class and upper-class backgrounds. Today, women are more likely than men to graduate college and to earn more money coming out of college. Sure, we can include the Baby Boomers, who are on their way out of the workplace and into retirement, in our sample to conclude that women are really doing poorly. But just look at the numbers for Millennials; the truth is that young women are doing better today than young men, as shown in this article from The Guardian (not known for being a "male chauvinist" publication):

Look, we moderates in the Democratic Party are not trying to go back to any sort of "good-ol-days" of white supremacy or patriarchy. We just recognize that the issues involving race and gender are more nuanced than the SJW super-woke extreme leftists want to acknowledge. And if we can't acknowledge facts that go against our chosen narrative, or if we can't bear to hear the arguments of someone who disagrees with us, then we can't realistically hope to resolve our problems. Moreover, we also recognize that, like overworked staff in an Emergency Room at a downtown hospital, we have to triage: we have to address the most important issues first, and right now, we're not doing that, because the debate is being dominated by super-PC SJW college kids on Twitter, and the more moderate grown-ups, who are busy working and raising kids and caring for aging parents, are being left out of the discussion.

SJW Fail: The Super-Woke Will Destroy the Democrats in 2020 and Give Trump 4 More Years

The truth is, the SJWs want to distract the Democratic candidates with a bunch of phony issues that matter only to the children of the upper class Ivy-League elites. Democrats, please do not be distracted. Please consider the situations of normal working people between the coasts. Regular Joe's and Jane's are desperate to hear someone talk about the issues that matter to them: jobs, childcare costs, healthcare costs, elder care costs, etc. Democrats, if you address these issues, you will destroy Trump in 2020. But if you let the SJWs dominate the agenda with their phony issues and high-falutin wokeness, you will give Trump another four years.

At, we usually do not want people to take what we say too seriously (or at least to understand that much of what we say is intended as satire). But in this case, please take this seriously. If you are a moderate on the Left, please make your voice heard, so that Democrats can see that the SJWs are not the only folks out there that matter. And if you are running as a Democrat this upcoming election, please take some time to listen to the moderates who can put you into office with their votes. Once again, if you let the SJWs pick the issues for you, then you will lose again.

For more "SJW Fail" ridiculousness, check out and

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Humorist Daniel D's New Crazy Comedy Podcast

Logo and artwork for the new Crazy Comedy, Humor, and Satire Podcast by Daniel D
The New Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast by Daniel D
For those of you who enjoy the very absurd humor and weird satire of Ronnie Champ, I got a funny and very bizarre new podcast for you to check out: The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast by Daniel D, at

About Daniel D

Daniel D is a writer and humorist who has written several pieces for this site. He has also done a little stand-up comedy, as well as some stand-up tragedy (in which he told stories about his relationships until the audience began slitting their wrists in anguish). This is his first podcast.

About the Crazy Comedy Humor & Satire Podcast

Daniel D's latest humor project is the Crazy Comedy, Humor, & Satire Podcast, which will follow something of a talk-show format, only the guests are, so far, imaginary. The humor is very surreal and truly absurd, so if that's your thing, you should definitely check this podcast out.

Recent episodes include corny jokes about the weather (in the spirit of Johnny Carson), complete with a rim shot to accentuate the punch line; political debates between weirdos on the extreme right and the extreme left; rants and riffs about everyday issues like parenting, pointless work meetings, and getting stuck in traffic; relationship advice from columnist Dear Crabby; and much, much more.

The podcast is available for download at You can also preview the latest episode of the podcast below:

If you like what you've heard, don't forget to subscribe to get future episodes. The Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire Podcast will be available for download on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and anywhere else quality podcasts are given away for FREE!

For More Crazy Comedy, Humor & Satire...

Also be sure to visit Daniel D's Crazy Comedy Humor & Satire Blog at
And check this blog ( for occasional silly satire by Daniel D, as well as the one and only Ronnie Champ! Looking for funny podcasts to listen to? Check out my list of the 7 best comedy podcasts on Spotify!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Alabama Abortion Law Protects Boogers!

Ever since the Alabama abortion law passed, the people around here have been going crazy. Pro-lifers are acting like this is the Emancipation Proclamation, like the evil feminists have been forcing the fetuses to do slave labor or something. Pro-choicers are going berserk because they feel like Alabama is trying to roll back all the rights women have fought for since the 1890s. With the abortion debate raging all around me, I felt like I needed a laugh, so I decided to see whether the Alabama Abortion Law protects boogers.

Is this a 6-week-old fetus or a booger? Is it protected by the Alabama abortion law, or can I flush it down the toilet? Image of booger in tissue that looks like 6-week-old fetus
Is this a 6-week-old fetus or a booger? Is it protected by the Alabama abortion law, or can I flush it down the toilet?

Can you tell if the thing in this picture is a six-week-old fetus or a booger? Is it protected by the new Alabama abortion law, or can I flush it down the toilet?

I can't tell the difference, and neither could the people at the Operation Save White America (OSWA) office here in Puddville, Alabama. (OSWA is one of the nation's most influential pro-life groups.)

Did I commit a felony, under the Alabama Abortion Law? Or did I just sneeze?

"Oh shit!" I yelled, as I ran inside the front door of OSWA. "I think I just committed a felony!"

"Good Lord Almighty!" cried the receptionist, with a terrified expression on her face. She turned and announced, to no one in particular, "Looks like another one of our guys just killed an abortion doctor or something. Someone else will have to take care of this one. I already got two aiding-and-abetting charges pending against me. I can't take any more."

"No, I didn't kill any abortion doctors," I said, trying to calm her down. "I think I might have accidentally performed an abortion, though."

Her jaw dropped. "Murderer!" she screamed. "Call the police!"

I held my finger to my lips and hissed at her to be quiet. "Be cool, lady," I said. "I was just going down on my girlfriend, and I suddenly felt something slimy on my tongue. I think I might have dislodged the fetus by mistake. We didn't even know she was pregnant.

"Just look at our precious, unborn child," I continued. I held out a tissue with a small, slimy mass in the middle.

She looked at the "fetus" and made a clicking sound with her tongue.

"Can God ever forgive me for this heinous sin?" I wailed.

"I doubt it," she replied. "God is rich in mercy, but he said that if anyone wrongs one of his little ones -- and you don't get too much littler than a fetus -- then it would be better if 'a millstone were hanged about his neck and he was dragged into the sea.'"

"So I'm screwed, then, right?" I asked, trying to look as pitiable as possible.

You can kill abortion doctors, but not fetuses (or boogers)

"Pretty much," she said. "I mean, if you killed an abortion doctor, we could maybe get you off. You know, I got a televangelist friend who knows how to navigate the courts of heaven better than anyone. He's written a book about it, how to get your prayers answered in 15 minutes or less, guaranteed. He could go to work for you if it was something like killing an abortion doctor. But killing a fetus? Sheesh. You're pretty much gonna burn in hell for a long time for that one."

"Do you have any rope or anything I could kill myself with?" I cried.

"Well, suicide is a sin," she said.

"What have I got to lose now?" I asked.

"Well, probably not much," she replied, with a dour expression. "But, of course, I can't help you do it, or else I'll be in trouble."

"I see," I said. "Well, at least I've got a long life ahead of me, so I can have a good time before I die and face eternal judgment for this abortion I accidentally committed."

"Not so fast!" she yelled. "You know that's a felony now, in this great state of Alabama. I am under a legal and an ethical obligation to report you to the authorities."

"You mean you're calling the police?"

She pursed her lips, clenched her jaw, and nodded.

I shook my head and laughed. "Won't you look dumb when the police get here and realize this is a booger, not a fetus."

She glared and pointed her bony finger at me. "You know, there's also a law against making a threat to abort a child."

"That wasn't a threat," I replied. "I was joking about doing something in the past, that I didn't actually do. A threat relates to some future action or danger."

"God will abort you!" she yelled. "The Bible says that God is not to be mocked."

"I'm not mocking God; I'm mocking you," I said, as I turned to leave. "You know, people like you could sure benefit from having a sense of humor. Pro-life. Hah. You're against all the things that make life worth living."

The Alabama Abortion Law Is No Joke!

As I drove away from the scene of the "crime," a police car whizzed past me, going the other way, its lights flashing and its sirens wailing. I guess here in Alabama, people won't take chances. If you have a booger that looks like it could be a dead six-week-old fetus, you better watch out, because the cops will take you in! This new Alabama abortion law is no joke!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Abortion Stories: A Brilliant Satire of the "Pro-Life" Movement

Abortion Stories!: A Thoughtful Satire of Pro-Lifers & the Alabama Abortion Ban_image of ebook cover
Abortion Stories!: A Thoughtful Satire of Pro-Lifers & the Alabama Abortion Ban
If you want to know what's going on with the new anti-abortion law in Alabama, check out Abortion Stories!, which is a timely, thought-provoking, and witty satire of the "pro-life" movement.

Timely Satire of Pro-Lifers and Alabama's Anti-Abortion Law

As you know, Alabama has always led the way when it comes to civil rights (at least when it comes to denying them). So it's no surprise that Alabama's lawmakers have bravely led the way to make Alabama the first state to protect the civil rights of six-week-old fetuses.

No matter how small the fetus, no matter how undeveloped its nervous system, and regardless of whether it has any capacity at all for conscious suffering, the rights of the fetus will always trump the rights and wellbeing of the mother. Why? Because the mother is a woman, and in Alabama, women are not really as valuable as men -- or fetuses, for that matter. In fact, the only reason women in Alabama have the vote is because the federal constitution requires it.

Alabama has now become the first state to take its abortion laws back to the 1950s (which were, of course, the heyday of Alabama's leadership in the area of human rights).

So Ronnie Champ has written Abortion Stories! to celebrate Alabama's progress in turning back the clock on women's rights, as well as Alabama's success in blurring the line separating church and state. In this funny and provocative book, Ronnie Champ interviews three persons and one woman (Mr. Champ does not consider women to be persons) who have experienced abortion. 
  • The first person is a six-week-old fetus, who is able to do an interview, even though she has no ears and no mouth. Fetus Jane tells the horrifying story of how she was aborted only days before Alabama's new anti-abortion law took effect. 
  • The second person is Reverend Backfall, who leads evangelistic crusades in the dumpsters behind abortion clinics. The reverend has led over 8,000 aborted fetuses to Christ.
  • The woman (not a person) is Winnifred Whitewash, who tells the terrifying tale of how she became pregnant with the spawn of Satan, and how she was forced to have an abortion in order to prevent the anti-Christ from being born. This experience taught Winnifred that abortions are always wrong and that abortion should, therefore, be outlawed.
  • The third person is a convicted rapist and murderer, Chester W., whose parental rights were terminated by his victim's unilateral decision to abort his child, just because the child was conceived during a rape. As Chester notes, if Alabama's new abortion law had been in effect when he raped the child's mother, then she would not have been able to have an abortion.
The book concludes with Ronnie Champ's very modest proposal, which would end abortion, solve world hunger, and correct the trade deficit between the USA and Asia, all at the same time! 

This incredibly powerful and very timely satire of Alabama's "pro-lifers" delivers an important message in a funny and engaging way.

Comedian Bill Hicks on Pro-Lifers (from Rant in E-Minor)

For those who enjoy good, funny, and thoughtful comedy combined with keen social criticism, here's something else you might like, comedian Bill Hicks's bit about American pro-lifers. It's too bad that Bill Hicks is not around to do a bit on the Trump Administration, although Hicks's material on the stupidity of previous Presidents could easily apply to Trump. But this bit about abortion and pro-lifers is just as funny and relevant today as it was when Hicks died, 25 years ago.

Preview Abortion Stories!, the Satire of Pro-Lifers and the Alabama Abortion Ban

To read more satire writing about the Alabama Abortion Ban and the Pro-Life movement, you can preview book Abortion Stories! below...
If you enjoyed our coverage of the Pro-Life movement, please check out other posts and articles on for more great humor and satire writing.

The 7 Best Comedy Podcasts on Spotify in 2020

Here's my list of the 7 best comedy podcasts on Spotify in 2020. I ranked these shows using my personal preferences and my own sense ...