Saturday, January 27, 2018

Was Trevor Noah right about Trump being America's first African President?

Donald Trump and Idi Amin

Photo of Idi Amin from
Archives New Zealand
So with Donald Trump a year into his Presidency, I was considering this insightful bit of political commentary from Trevor Noah from 2015. According to Mr. Noah, Trump's inflammatory statements and tweets reminded him of speeches from certain African dictators and demagogues, such as Idi Amin of Uganda.

The question I had at the time was whether Trump would be able to live up to these lofty comparisons with accomplished tyrants. It is one thing to treat a third-world country as your own private business, giving jobs and tax breaks and government contracts to all your friends, while targeting your enemies with the help of villainous secret agents from Russia. But could Trump pull this off in The United States of America, arguably the wealthiest and most powerful nation in all the world, with a tradition of a free press and democratic ideals?

Idi Amin's spirit lives on in the Presidency and person of Donald Trump

At this point in Trump's Presidency, I am pleased to say that Trump has succeeded admirably in turning the United States into a banana republic that any third-world dictator would be proud to lead. People get their news from Trump's insults hurled out in 140 characters or less on Twitter, while they decry traditional print journalism as "fake news." Trump's friends in the Kremlin used electronic espionage and shadowy counter-intelligence on social media to tip the scales of the election towards their man in Washington, Donald J. Trump. And Trump has encouraged violence against protesters and minorities, and he has praised the perpetrators of such violence.

In a word, Trump has masterfully implemented the leadership strategies and personal philosophy of Idi Amin. He has truly become America's first African President.

Video from the Daily Show of Trevor Noah comparing Donald Trump to African Presidents like Idi Amin

So check out this video from the Daily Show, in which Trevor Noah accurately predicted that Trump would accomplish all this as President. President Obama's father was African, but President Obama led America like a traditional first-world, Western European head of state. But it has been Trump who succeeded in truly becoming America's first African President. Idi Amin would be proud to see that his legacy lives on in the Presidency and person of Donald J. Trump.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Donald Trump's Stormey-gate: Trump's $130,000.00 one-night-stand

Stormey Daniels:
Trump's $130,000.00 one-night-stand!
Whatever Donald Trump does -- whether he's having a one-night-stand with a porn star or jumping feet-first into the airline business -- Trump does it big, sparing no expense. So it's no surprise Trump paid $130,000.00 for a "yuge" night with porn star Stormey Daniels. In fact, Trump liked her so much, he told her she reminded him of his own daughter. Classic Trump.

With Donald Trump as President, it's hard to come up with political satire that's crazier than the stuff Trump actually does and says.

Although the story of Donald Trump's $130,000.00 one-night-stand with porn actress Stormey Daniels dates back to 2011, the details are only now starting to become public.

So Trump had a fling with this porn star shortly after his son was born, and then he paid her $130,000.00 to keep her from talking . . . But he didn't buy her silence in time to stop her from telling the salacious details to "In Touch" Magazine. And now the story of their brief affair are coming out.

Some are funny. Some disturbing. And some downright sick.

In this video from The Late Show, Steven Colbert gives you the highlights of this crazy drama.

Apparently, Trump really liked this gal. While they were making out, he complimented her by comparing her favorably to . . . his own daughter. Yeesh! I guess it's not the first time Trump has made some kind of perverse reference to his daughter in a sexual context.

Make America great, right?!

Take the poll at the bottom of this page about what you find most sick about Stormey-gate.

Learn more about Stormey Daniels at

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