Saturday, January 20, 2018

Donald Trump's Stormey-gate: Trump's $130,000.00 one-night-stand

Stormey Daniels:
Trump's $130,000.00 one-night-stand!
Whatever Donald Trump does -- whether he's having a one-night-stand with a porn star or jumping feet-first into the airline business -- Trump does it big, sparing no expense. So it's no surprise Trump paid $130,000.00 for a "yuge" night with porn star Stormey Daniels. In fact, Trump liked her so much, he told her she reminded him of his own daughter. Classic Trump.

With Donald Trump as President, it's hard to come up with political satire that's crazier than the stuff Trump actually does and says.

Although the story of Donald Trump's $130,000.00 one-night-stand with porn actress Stormey Daniels dates back to 2011, the details are only now starting to become public.

So Trump had a fling with this porn star shortly after his son was born, and then he paid her $130,000.00 to keep her from talking . . . But he didn't buy her silence in time to stop her from telling the salacious details to "In Touch" Magazine. And now the story of their brief affair are coming out.

Some are funny. Some disturbing. And some downright sick.

In this video from The Late Show, Steven Colbert gives you the highlights of this crazy drama.

Apparently, Trump really liked this gal. While they were making out, he complimented her by comparing her favorably to . . . his own daughter. Yeesh! I guess it's not the first time Trump has made some kind of perverse reference to his daughter in a sexual context.

Make America great, right?!

Take the poll at the bottom of this page about what you find most sick about Stormey-gate.

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