Friday, February 9, 2018

Donald Trump Political Satire by Ronnie Champ (Guest Post by Sameet Buddha)

My very unbiased review of Mismanagement Is an Art (for which I received only 15 Rupees, so I can give you my honest opinion)

Mismanagement Is an Art
teaches you the secret of shit, Trump style.
Hi, my name is Sameet Buddha, and I have got a book that is truly a fantastic Donald Trump political satire to tell you about. It is called Mismanagement Is an Art: Lessons in Management from Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, and other Good Ol' Boys (satire).

This book was written by a very dear friend with masterful intellect that I know quite well -- having made his acquaintance at a brothel a fortnight ago in Dubai (we shared a harlot for much of the evening to save money) -- named Ronnie Champ.

Moreover, my dear friend paid me only 15 rupees as an honorarium, not a bribe, so I promise to make this a very unbiased review of his esteemed book.

You should read Mismanagement Is an Art to learn how to lead Trump-style 

If you have not read Mismanagement Is an Art, you should do so at once. It is a fun and easy read, even if English is not your first language, and even if you are quite drunk (as I was when I agreed to write this review for 15 rupees). 

You must read this book if you want to become a great leader like Trump. As Ronnie Champ points out, Donald Trump has mastered the management styles of great dictators, demagogues, and despots from around the world and throughout history. This is no accident. Donald Trump has been rumored to call Melania Trump his little "Eva Braun" and sleeps with a copy of Hitler's Naughtiest Speeches under his pillow. Trump has watched endless hours of video footage of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, George Wallace, and even Kim Jong-un. Trump has also used his television show, The Apprentice, to try Machiavellian techniques in a controlled environment before launching his Presidential campaign. Trump is truly a brilliant and innovative leader.

How can you become a great man like Donald Trump? The secret is shit.

So how do you become like Donald Trump? The secret is shit. Trump does not give a shit about people, but he loves to give people shit. Trump does not take any shit, and he doesn't give a shit, but he is always full of shit. That's why his Presidency is one serious shit-storm after another, and why so many Americans feel shitty about their President.

How do you disparage and cast shit upon the majority of Americans, lose the popular vote by three million, and yet win the Presidency and dominate the nation's politics? You have to know how to distinguish between the people who matter and the people who don't.

You have to be able to make alliances with the few people who do matter, but in such a way that you are ready to stab them in the back whenever it will advance your agenda.

Then, you have to constantly shit upon the many people who do not matter. And that requires a lot of shit, because most people do not matter. Therefore, you must be very full of shit, just like Trump. 

Most of all, Trump always knows how to duck at just the right time, whenever the shit hits the proverbial fan.

Master the art of Shit and be a shitty leader, like Trump

So how do you master the art of shit, as Trump has done? You must study the arts and wisdom of shitty leaders. You must also read this amazing book, Mismanagement Is an Art, by Ronnie Champ. 

Ronnie Champ distills wisdom the way Jack Daniels distills whiskey. He takes all the major principles of shitty leadership and management from every aspect of Donald Trump:

  • Donald Trump the shitty businessman, 
  • Donald Trump the shitty entertainer, 
  • Donald Trump the shitty professional playboy, and 
  • Donald Trump the shitty politician. 

Get Mismanagment Is an Art by Ronnie Champ on Amazon

If you want to break out of the ranks of middle management and seize control of your destiny like a true √úbermensch , then you need to read Mismanagement Is an Art. This book is available on Amazon as a kindle eBook or as a paperback You can preview the book for free on Amazon to see if you could benefit from its great wisdom and manly ass-hole-ishness.

This book will help you to become a bigger asshole, so that more shit can pass out of your mouth whenever you speak, and then you can shit on people all the time. But first you must increase your ass-hole-ishness, and Ronnie Champ will show you how it's done.

Now that I have written you my very honest opinion of how good this book is, I shall be off to collect my 15 rupees. Meanwhile, watch this video below, or check out a free preview of Mismanagement Is an Art on Amazon.

Watch this video about the great Donald Trump political satire, Mismanagement Is an Art: Lessons in Management from Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, and Other Good Ol' Boys, by Ronnie Champ.

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