Monday, March 26, 2018

What Should I Call My New Book about Donald Trump?

Satire of Trump: picture of Trump with funny wig and lipstick to show that Trump is a whore: possible cover of funny book about Trump
What should I call my new book about Donald Trump? Give me your feedback on Twitter @SatireChamp or on Facebook at . . .

Trump Is Making America Great Again (for porn stars and prostitutes and Russian henchmen)!

Trump has done a bang-up job making America great again. We've got porn stars and hookers coming out of the woodwork to share the sordid details of their dalliances with the commander in chief. We've got rumors swirling about possible collusion with the Russians and the Kremlin's fake-news machine to manufacture a Trump victory in the Republican primary and the general election. We've got an Administration that uses Twitter as an official channel for diplomacy. We've got rumors of bedbugs and crabs frolicking around the White House, occasionally joining in the midnight romps between Trump and whatever dime-store hooker currently reminds him of his daughter.

Working Titles of Book about Trump (Satire)

So as I prepare to write my unauthorized account of Trump's Presidency, I am wondering what title would be best. So far, I've narrowed it down to "The Art of the Steal" and "Star Whores: The Emperor Strokes Back." 👄👅💋💖😍😛🙈🙉😭😳

The difficulty with writing a satire about Trump is that the truth really is stranger than fiction. There is really no belief so odious nor a deed so lowdown that one would be truly shocked to discover that it was true of Trump. How do you write satire about someone like that?

But we must try. Humor is one of our species' defenses against the absurdity and suffering in Life. And Trump takes absurdity and malice to a whole new level or naked narcissism. We have to laugh at him and treat him like the clown that he is.

So let me know if you have any ideas for a catchy and compelling title to my next book about The Donald and the reality TV circus that is the Trump Presidency.


Ronnie Champ

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