Sunday, March 31, 2019

The 7 Habits of Highly Dominant People (Parody)

The 7 Habits of Highly Dominant People
What are the habits of DOMINANT people?

The 7 Habits of Highly Dominant People has transformed the lives of many inmates at the Puddville, Alabama Psychiatric Hospital, including men and women who think they are Kings, Queens, Presidents, and the reincarnation of Elvis Presley.

In short, dozens of people of all ages and professions have benefited from Ronnie Champ's wisdom, and now you can too!

This book contains an excerpt from Ronnie Champ's classic self-help parody, How to Win Girlfriends and Dominate People, as well as an exclusive Q & A with author and professional DOMINATOR Ronnie Champ.

This Book Guides You, Step by Step, through Each of the Seven Habits of Highly Dominant People!

In this life-changing book, Ronnie Champ teaches you how to:
1. Be aggressive and always attack first;
2. Begin with the Conquest in Mind;
3. Always Put Yourself First;
4. Always think “I win, you lose;”
5. Keep a shit list, with the names of all your enemies on it, and make your enemies pay dearly every chance you get;
6. Let your friends and allies know they are on thin ice, and you will put them on your shit list if they don’t make you their number one priority; and
7. Sharpen your knives, so they’re always ready to stab your friends in the back.

Continue Your Lessons in Domination with How to Win Girlfriends and Dominate People (Self-Help Parody)

Once you master these seven habits, you can build on this wisdom by reading Ronnie Champ's classic self-help book, How to Win Girlfriends and Dominate People (Self-Help Parody), which will teach you how to win girlfriends and dominate people like Ronnie Champ does!

If you just want an introduction to Ronnie Champ's dominating style, check out The 7 Habits of Highly Dominant People, which you can read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited; and if you like what you read, you can get more dominating techniques with the larger and more thorough book, How to Win Girlfriends and Dominate People (Self-Help Parody).

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