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Abortion Stories: A Brilliant Satire of the "Pro-Life" Movement

Abortion Stories!: A Thoughtful Satire of Pro-Lifers & the Alabama Abortion Ban_image of ebook cover
Abortion Stories!: A Thoughtful Satire of Pro-Lifers & the Alabama Abortion Ban
If you want to know what's going on with the new anti-abortion law in Alabama, check out Abortion Stories!, which is a timely, thought-provoking, and witty satire of the "pro-life" movement.

Timely Satire of Pro-Lifers and Alabama's Anti-Abortion Law

As you know, Alabama has always led the way when it comes to civil rights (at least when it comes to denying them). So it's no surprise that Alabama's lawmakers have bravely led the way to make Alabama the first state to protect the civil rights of six-week-old fetuses.

No matter how small the fetus, no matter how undeveloped its nervous system, and regardless of whether it has any capacity at all for conscious suffering, the rights of the fetus will always trump the rights and wellbeing of the mother. Why? Because the mother is a woman, and in Alabama, women are not really as valuable as men -- or fetuses, for that matter. In fact, the only reason women in Alabama have the vote is because the federal constitution requires it.

Alabama has now become the first state to take its abortion laws back to the 1950s (which were, of course, the heyday of Alabama's leadership in the area of human rights).

So Ronnie Champ has written Abortion Stories! to celebrate Alabama's progress in turning back the clock on women's rights, as well as Alabama's success in blurring the line separating church and state. In this funny and provocative book, Ronnie Champ interviews three persons and one woman (Mr. Champ does not consider women to be persons) who have experienced abortion. 
  • The first person is a six-week-old fetus, who is able to do an interview, even though she has no ears and no mouth. Fetus Jane tells the horrifying story of how she was aborted only days before Alabama's new anti-abortion law took effect. 
  • The second person is Reverend Backfall, who leads evangelistic crusades in the dumpsters behind abortion clinics. The reverend has led over 8,000 aborted fetuses to Christ.
  • The woman (not a person) is Winnifred Whitewash, who tells the terrifying tale of how she became pregnant with the spawn of Satan, and how she was forced to have an abortion in order to prevent the anti-Christ from being born. This experience taught Winnifred that abortions are always wrong and that abortion should, therefore, be outlawed.
  • The third person is a convicted rapist and murderer, Chester W., whose parental rights were terminated by his victim's unilateral decision to abort his child, just because the child was conceived during a rape. As Chester notes, if Alabama's new abortion law had been in effect when he raped the child's mother, then she would not have been able to have an abortion.
The book concludes with Ronnie Champ's very modest proposal, which would end abortion, solve world hunger, and correct the trade deficit between the USA and Asia, all at the same time! 

This incredibly powerful and very timely satire of Alabama's "pro-lifers" delivers an important message in a funny and engaging way.

Comedian Bill Hicks on Pro-Lifers (from Rant in E-Minor)

For those who enjoy good, funny, and thoughtful comedy combined with keen social criticism, here's something else you might like, comedian Bill Hicks's bit about American pro-lifers. It's too bad that Bill Hicks is not around to do a bit on the Trump Administration, although Hicks's material on the stupidity of previous Presidents could easily apply to Trump. But this bit about abortion and pro-lifers is just as funny and relevant today as it was when Hicks died, 25 years ago.

Preview Abortion Stories!, the Satire of Pro-Lifers and the Alabama Abortion Ban

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