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SJW Fail: Millenial Activist Announces 72-Hour Woke-a-Thon

SJW Fail: image of text saying "72-hour Woke-a-Thon" - satire
SJW Fail: 72-Hour "Woke-a-Thon"
Here is the latest SJW fail. Larry Libbman of the Millennial Activist Democrats (MAD) announced that MAD is sponsoring a "72-hour Woke-a-Thon." Mr. Libbman is calling on Social Justice Warriors (SJW) everywhere to participate.

What will these SJWs do for 72 hours? And what will they actually accomplish?

This "72-hour Woke-a-Thon" may sound like a silly exercise in futility, but it is not much more ridiculous than things the far-left SJWs are already saying. Hopefully, the Democrats will heed the warnings in this video and distance themselves from the crazies on the far left. If they don't, they will lose to Trump yet again.

Just listen to Mr. Libbman explain the SJW agenda in this video, which you can watch below.

SJW Fail Video: 72-hour Woke-a-Thon

Click on the embedded video above to listen to the SJW agenda.

What do SJWs want?

This satirical video summarizes the super-woke SJW platform in a humorous but basically accurate way. The SJWs stand for out-of-whack priorities that will sink the Democrats in 2020, if the Democratic candidates adopt them.

The white spoiled rich kids at elite Ivy-League institutions are more liberal on racial issues than racial minorities are. (See, These white SJWs take a paternalistic attitude towards racial and ethnic minorities by essentially playing the "race card" for them, even when many members of the race or ethnicity in question would prefer to make less of an issue of race. These elite white kids know what's best though! Social Justice Warrior (SJW) to the rescue!

When it comes to analyzing costs and benefits of environmental regulations, the welfare of animals trumps that of human beings in the SJW world. This past July, a mob of radical leftists from Antifa physically assaulted conservative blogger Andy Ngo; in addition to suffering multiple injuries, Mr. Ngo suffered the ignominy of being slimed by multiple vegan milkshakes. (See, The irony is rich: a gang of SJWs attacks a human being and causes to suffer serious injury, but the SJWs drink vegan milkshakes, because they don't want cows to suffer.

And then there is the issue of gender. Now it's no longer about LGBTQ, but it's about all the other letters being added to that. There are now so many genders being identified that it no longer makes any sense. Gay marriage is cool. Transgender students using the bathroom of their choice is cool. But at some point, let's move on with our lives and address some of the more important issues, like the economy, jobs, healthcare, etc.

And when it comes to civil rights, let's keep our focus on minorities that really are suffering from the effects of historical injustices and systemic racism. From what I can tell, gender reassignment surgery is pretty expensive, which means that you have to be in a certain income bracket to get it. Just going by Maslow's hierarchy of needs, you need to have a certain level of comfort before gender sensitivity (like using the correct pronoun) becomes the most important issue on your radar. Let me put it more bluntly: there are no LGBTQ ghettos. LGBTQ individuals are not disproportionately profiled by police or denied loans by banks. How is it that civil rights has become overwhelmingly about a group that seems to be pretty well-to-do compared to other groups, such as African-Americans or Native-Americans (the ones on reservations, not the one running for the Democratic nomination).

Of course, as Dave Chappelle found, you can't even joke about this without getting the SJWs all riled up.

Similarly, the SJWs care so much about women's issues, but the women who benefit are the ones who are already doing well: white women from upper-middle-class and upper-class backgrounds. Today, women are more likely than men to graduate college and to earn more money coming out of college. Sure, we can include the Baby Boomers, who are on their way out of the workplace and into retirement, in our sample to conclude that women are really doing poorly. But just look at the numbers for Millennials; the truth is that young women are doing better today than young men, as shown in this article from The Guardian (not known for being a "male chauvinist" publication):

Look, we moderates in the Democratic Party are not trying to go back to any sort of "good-ol-days" of white supremacy or patriarchy. We just recognize that the issues involving race and gender are more nuanced than the SJW super-woke extreme leftists want to acknowledge. And if we can't acknowledge facts that go against our chosen narrative, or if we can't bear to hear the arguments of someone who disagrees with us, then we can't realistically hope to resolve our problems. Moreover, we also recognize that, like overworked staff in an Emergency Room at a downtown hospital, we have to triage: we have to address the most important issues first, and right now, we're not doing that, because the debate is being dominated by super-PC SJW college kids on Twitter, and the more moderate grown-ups, who are busy working and raising kids and caring for aging parents, are being left out of the discussion.

SJW Fail: The Super-Woke Will Destroy the Democrats in 2020 and Give Trump 4 More Years

The truth is, the SJWs want to distract the Democratic candidates with a bunch of phony issues that matter only to the children of the upper class Ivy-League elites. Democrats, please do not be distracted. Please consider the situations of normal working people between the coasts. Regular Joe's and Jane's are desperate to hear someone talk about the issues that matter to them: jobs, childcare costs, healthcare costs, elder care costs, etc. Democrats, if you address these issues, you will destroy Trump in 2020. But if you let the SJWs dominate the agenda with their phony issues and high-falutin wokeness, you will give Trump another four years.

At, we usually do not want people to take what we say too seriously (or at least to understand that much of what we say is intended as satire). But in this case, please take this seriously. If you are a moderate on the Left, please make your voice heard, so that Democrats can see that the SJWs are not the only folks out there that matter. And if you are running as a Democrat this upcoming election, please take some time to listen to the moderates who can put you into office with their votes. Once again, if you let the SJWs pick the issues for you, then you will lose again.

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